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Originally Posted by AWsquared

AAAAAh this club has been so inactive so sorry guys.

I'm gonna have to add a bunch of people to the list. ._.

Um new topic is in order.
T-T naw its my fault....

Well, least I can do is answer the topic...

Answering Topic: Which is the most overated Dark Type?

I would say that the dark/ghost types were the most overrated with their introduction with their no weakness. But their stats say otherwise. I cant say top OU pokes like Tyranitar and and Hydreigon are overated cuz their reputation is true to form. On that I say would be overrated is Zoroark. Its true its a very good offensive poke that can get into your opponents head and a forced to be reckoned with. However, its overhype with the introdution of its movie(refer to lucario) and its fragility combined with somewhat limited options against special walls can say a little bit about how Zoroark is slightly overated imo.