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    I never played Drill Dozer since I live in Europe, didn't even know Klonoa had games on the GBA (it's an obscure series, notice how I said "notable"), if we're gonna count Megaman Zero, which was more action/shooter than platformer, then we might as well count Metroid, and Kirby's strength isn't platforming. Also edited my comment to add three GBA platformers that I forgot about. It still doesn't change the fact the best of GBA's platformers were on the SNES anyway.

    The PS2 platformers were I like them, don't get me wrong, but Jak 1 aside they're often regarded as action/adventure games, and that's really their big strength, because their platforming is often subpar. No one is gonna remember them as platformers, just because it has platforming. Going back to an example above, it's like calling a Metroid game a platformer because you jump on platformers but that's really not what the series is about at all, or calling Skyrm a first person shooter.

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