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    Chapter 3
    [The Expected Unexpected]

    December 13, Calm Era
    - Night time

    The orange cloak moved with the coming of Eastern winds, winds that blew in the direction of Izagi Town and the much further Ecruteak City. Compared with the harsh gales of Mahogany Town, it were nothing but a breeze. A Sneasel stared into the gaping darkness ahead of both itself and its trainer. The first true milestone, the famed Mount Mortar, the legendary Master Kiyo had once trained here, defeated by at least two of the Three Shadows years ago. Shade smirked and reassured himself there's no need to focus on the past, only the now, and only the future. Both Shade and Xiz moved into Mount Mortar's cave.

    Tik! Tik! Tik! the claws of Xiz's feet scraped the ground beneath them as he hopped along. A Zubat here, a Zubat there, none were a match for Xiz, they were still persistent. Thirty minutes in however, the two stopped to set up camp. Xiz sat down as Shade sparked up some old, half-dried Tangela vines. It was more for the heat than the light, over the years lanterns were situated throughout the cave, powered by a heat-based battery and Fire Stone as not to disturb the Zubat population too much by using Thunder Stones. The flames crackled lowly, not a Zubat in the cave felt the moderate disturbance, but something did. And it was far less annoying but, far more formidable than anything found hanging from the ceiling of the cave.

    Pat. Pat. Pat. Hushed footsteps traveled through the caveout of ear shot of even Xiz. The culprit was eager, hungry for battle. It picked up its pace just slightly, its victims were just over the boulder ahead of it, the crackle of the fire drew it nearer and nearer. It swung a grayish-blue arm, it's hand sliced through the boulder, it's upper half crumbling in the air, the culprit jumped through as though it were no more than morning mist. "MAAAAAAA-CHOP!" the culprit howled as it flew toward the now-aware-Sneasel. Xiz and Shade flinched, changing their focus toward their attacker. An arm swung for Xiz's head, but his instincts kicked in, he'd leaned back, catching his attacker by the ribs with its feet. The Machop was caught by surprise, Shade stammered to his feet as a powerful kick sent the Machop soaring through the air, safely above the campfire. "Maa-chop!" it cried as it flipped through the air, then landing on its feet. Shade smirked, "I think we got ourselves a challenger." Xiz nodded as he recomposed himself, facing the Machop head-on.

    "This is so random, if it were a chapter in a PokeVenture comic I'd go so far as to say it was badly written", Shade remarked. Xiz chuckled lightly, "Snee, Snee, Sneee." The Machop returned to its feet, "Maaa!" it cried again, in a split second it bounded passed the fire and straight toward Xiz. Blue energy engulfed the Machop's hands, electric-like energy flowed off of them as it swung its right arm at Xiz's head. The Sneasel back-stepped, tilting its head out of reach, another chop was executed, missing again, making the Double Chop ineffective. Xiz smirked, brimming with confidence, Shade was ecstatic. "Get some room and use Fury Swipes!" he ordered. Xiz acknowledged, "Snee." The feline-esc pokemon performed a quick back-flip which forced the Machop to stagger backwards as to avoid those clawed toes.

    The Sneasel crouched low, arms extended at its sides, claws ready for use, he pounced. A left arm swung, the Machop moved its head instinctively, a single sharp claw grazed it nonetheless, a right claw followed suit, meeting both a rib and a chest muscle, the Machop adapted, it improved its pace near the peak of the assault, swing-miss, miss, miss, it narrowly evaded the continued onslaught. "Chooppp!" it grunted confidently. Shade was impressed, "Good going Xiz, follow up with Faint Attack!" Xiz back-flipped again, it moved forward using its fore-claws, swinging its feet in hopes of clipping its adversary's chin -but to no avail, Machop was still too wise for that. Xiz, stuck low to the ground, and sprinted, dragging both claws across the stone of the cave. "Sneeeeeeeeeeeee!" it screeched. In no time his claw had reached the face of the Machop, faster than it could guard. Machop braced itself for impact, but the impact never came, Xiz had dissappeared.

    The Machop was confused it looked around frantically, the Sneasel was nowhere in sight. Shwooooo! a dark purple two-clawed arm materialized out of nothingness, striking the Machop square in the back. "Maaa!!" it cried as it stumbled forward. Xiz appeared behind it, a triumphant smirk across its face. "Don't count yourself too lucky Machop", Shade remarked smugly. The Machop glared behind it - at Shade, then ahead at Xiz, there appeared to be no shortage of pride between the three of them. This is where the battle really began.
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