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    Urge, no ones posting...

    New story of long ago
    A long time ago, a chaos pokemon named Darkrai appeared after Arceus created everything and ruled the earth. Everyone lived in brutality and no peace remained. A team named Chaos mind wrecked havoc among earth, stole from the poor, gained but did not give. The leader of this team was unknown but it was said that he, somehow, managed to capture the Chaos pokemon and extracted his DNA to create a clone who possessed more powerful abilities. Then, where humanity needed it the most, Arceus sent the Guardians Pokémon. They were 3 : Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. The Pokémon saved the people and gave birth to the other pokemon like Rattata, Celebi, Heatran, etc.... Celebi grew grass and forests. Heatran created fire. Roserade planted flowers to keep the earth healthy, and many more Pokémon. These Guardians put the chaos pokemon and his clone to sleep just before disappearing in a long slumber

    Heres a screen of HGSS styled deck city, forgive me for double posting.
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