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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
There may be some local ones but there aren't many. Gamestop is just so convenient, you know?
Gotcha. Man I hate monopolization, it creates evils like gamestop.
Money are made to be spent,dear then comes another money to be spent and another to be spent...wouldn't that be trolling if you kept saving then you died?? someone else will come and take all that money and spend them!! fair enough v.v

i say save when you have to save for something important..other than that..Life is too short to be stingy!!

one day you will become a father WILL have to enjoy the little unfather time..

ladies and gentlemen..i rest my case *sound of clapping*

thank you very much,you
This is truth. You sir, are the wisest man on Earth, and your wisdom shall not go unrewarded. Seriously though, this right here is spot on. Save up when you get married, and your golden.

Mystery Dungeon games? I love em! The Pokemon ones are pretty easy, and I love having random dungeons in games. Anyone play that Wii one called baroque? Not a mystery dungeon, but the random levels plus the baroque feel is awesome, even if the game is a bit sloppy.

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