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    Originally Posted by twocows View Post
    You're not anonymous, you have a forum name associated with your post. The whole point of anonymity is and has always been that your thoughts aren't attached to some avatar for reputation. Free expression is the point; being able to say what you really think, whether it's right or wrong, smart or stupid, or maybe just something that society's not ready to hear yet.

    This "movement" has little to do with that, other than it started on a site that believed strongly in the ideal of anonymous expression. It's a bunch of kids with a big helping of unwarranted self-importance. There's not much more to say than that. If you have something worth saying, you don't need to resort to childish tactics like denying the opposition a way to voice themselves; people will listen because what you say has merit. It's fun and all to pretend you're part of some secret society that fights "the man," but in the end, it's not much different than playing superheroes as a kid. The real heroes are out there working to make the world better, whether by direct action or by moving others to action. They're not sitting around doing the virtual equivalent of shouting over someone when they try to speak. That's what WBC does, and you shouldn't stoop to their level.
    Did you even read his post? It's an idea. It's not about anonymity, it's about the idea of coming through where the corrupted won't.
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