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Haru - The Trainer

Just finished up beating Winona, who was surprisingly easy considering I had two Pokemon weak against her type. Then again, it wasn't until the fourth Bulk Up from Blaziken that her Swablu used Perish Song, so I managed to take down three of her Pokemon before I switched out (thank you Perish Song for waiting until she sent the next Pokemon out). Planning on going back to the Trick House and doing two of the levels since I forgot to do one when I beat Norman, and then I'm gonna head out to Lilycove and all that stuff! ...In fact, my next update will either be my last or second last, Idk yet.

The Team:

Shuda - The Present
My best team member as of yet. Probably gonna teach him Aerial Ace over Peck now that I have the TM, and Sky Uppercut or Brick Break over Double Kick.

Krysta - The Valentine
I got her right before taking on Winona, so she has quite a bit of catching up to do before she gets to the same level of her teammates. Regardless, she's pretty good in battle and I hope to teach her stronger moves soon!

Carla - The Attraction
She owns with Return. Enough said.

Cattleya - The Flower
DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO FIND A SOLROCK THAT WAS HOLDING A SUN STONE ;; Anyways, she'll get some Attack other than Absorb someday. It'll either be Giga Drain once I get the TM from the lady south of Mt. Pyre, or it'll be Petal Dance. Then again, I might replace Sweet Scent with the other. Dunno about teaching her Sunny Day, as I don't really want to give her Solarbeam over Petal Dance. Oh well, I'll figure it out when I get to it.

Fruitslave - HM Slave
Tropius make good HM Slaves for Gen. III, jsyk.

Coonslave - HM Slave
Decent HM Slave and can pick up items at random. Pretty cool, eh?