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Destiny Saviouer :: Moscow, Russia
Chapter One :: Enough with the Nonsense

Destiny listened as the three male Reapers argued amongst themselves. At first Destiny had noticed that Luka was onto something with his plan to shoot through the windows, but she had known he wasn't quite there yet. Adrian had been quick to point out the flaws in Luka's plan, but he had provided a substitute for Luka's actions. However, Nox had soon dismissed the entire plan, formulating a new plan involving his disguise as a homeless person. He was thinking of a plan too complex, seemingly unable to see his own mistakes in its creation. It didn't take long after this for Adrian and Nox to begin arguing, making themselves sound like morons.

"Do either of you speak idiot? I don't think I'm getting through to this guy," Adrian had said, turning to Destiny and Luka. Luka seemed to ignore this comment, continuing to elaborate on Nox's plan.

"Enough!" Destiny boomed, authority in her voice. "Your pathetic arguing is becoming a nuisance. Yes, all of your plans have their flaws, but they also have their merits. Don't be so quick to dismiss the plans of others. Instead of completely ignoring their plans, you should add your own piece from your plan. Unless, of course, the original plan happened to be completely moronic. However, that was not the case this time." Destiny turned to Luka, speaking to him directly for a moment. "Luka, I commend you for at least trying, and for not giving into such piteous rivalries as these two seem to be doing." She turned back to Adrian and Nox, her eyes burning.

"Nox, you, for one, are thinking much too complex. Your idea of a decoy is sound, yes, but the way you're going about it is not. Vampires may be driven by their blood thirst, but centuries of evolution to be able to continuously outwit humans makes them cunning. They will not be fooled by a simple disguise. And even if they are, what makes you think it will be a vampire to open the door? The Harbingers control the vampires; they will likely take the initiative and open the door themselves. This would cause your plan to fall to ruin. It has too many variables that could break it. However," Destiny glanced at Adrian, "that does not mean that the idea of a decoy is completely inappropriate for the situation."

Destiny glanced at all three of the Reapers, pausing for a moment. "If we take Nox's decoy, Luka's use of the windows, and Adrian's battle plan, we can actually piece together something that may work for all of us." Destiny looked to the warehouse, motioning to it as she spoke her strategy. "Nox can be a decoy at the entrance. No disguise is necessary, but it may give you a few extra seconds to be disguised as a normal citizen. Once Nox gets the attention of the Harbingers and vampires on the door, Adrian and I can sneak in behind them through the windows. Luka can cover Nox from the rooftops, allowing Nox the ability to actually escape with his life, if he so wishes." At that, Destiny gave Nox a dry, blank glance. "Adrian and I can attack them from behind, Nox can handle a frontal assault and Luka can prevent any from escaping. Not only does this leave them scattered from the surprise, but it corners them, trapping them between us. With such little space, both the Harbingers and vampires will not be able to function at the same time. This will give us time to slay at least half of them. By then, they will have recovered their senses, but it will be too late. Luka can move into the warehouse with Nox, and we can finish the job." As Destiny finished speaking, she turned back to the boys.

"Any questions?"
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