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    In my opinion,Toonami is coming back in a really good way. I watch all of the shows on there (Except Thundercats & Titan. They just don't interest me and seem out of place on the lineup. Although I have heard they're good). My only small dislike is Naruto coming back instead of Naruto Shippuden. Disney XD hasn't aired the show in what seems like over a year, why didn't Toonami bother getting it from them? If Toonami wants to air Naruto, why not air back to back episodes? The show is one of my favorites, but it's too slow to air one episode a week. I'd like to see Trigun & Blood Plus return, taking the place of Titan and Thundercats. Add Deathnote somewhere in there and they've got a solid lineup.

    But as for shows that have never aired on Toonami that I think would be a good fit, I'd pick the following: Hell Girl, Sword Art Online, uhhhh...Fairytale?(Never saw it but I know ppl who rage over it as being a very good show, so I'd like to check it out myself on TV), and possibly the Devil May Cry anime? Seriously, since the anime network channel is gone from Verizon Fios TV, I miss that show a lot. I'd like watching that and Blood Plus back to back during later hours.

    But yea, Woo Toonami!
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