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    Originally Posted by Kivihirvio View Post
    Wow, this hack is amazing! Great work!
    I was wondering if it's possible to get pokemons that need to be traded, Gengar and Alakazam for example. And do pokemons learn their moves on the same levels as in second generation or in third generation?

    Oh and btw, for anyone who gets white screen on the beginning, try to use USA firered rom.
    All the traded evolutions are available in this hack either by leveling up or through the elemental stones. Even Pokes like Politoad and Machamp are available in here and yes all the pokes learn Gen 3 moves much like old games

    Originally Posted by LordAlakazam View Post
    Where i can get an electabuzz or Elekid??
    All I know is Electabuzz can be found in Kanto near the famous Power Plant
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