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As far as I know the Kanto region is based off of real life Kanto (region where Tokyo is in), Johto is based off of the region next to real life Kanto (which is where Nintendo's HQ is located in), Hoenn is based off of the region in the lower left part of Japan (only rotated 90 degrees), Sinnoh is based off of the Hokkaido Region (northernmost region in Japan), and Unova is based off of New York City.

I think each region has their culture based off of their real life counterpart (Kanto being more modern with Tokyo/Saffron and Celadon City and Johto being more old-fashioned with Kyoto/Ecruteak City, for example)

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Orre personally reminds me of Arizona, being a dried out desert and such. Never been there myself, so I can't say that Arizona is a total wasteland without wildlife (I'll give it more credit than that!) but I'm sure that's what it was based on.
According to Bulbapedia the Orre region is based off of Pheonix, Arizona (There's a link too so I think they're right). I can definitely see the resemblance between them.
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