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Experienced or not Adrian didn't care, the woman scolding him and Nox seemed to have her head screwed on in the right direction, unlike the blowhard across from him he could deal with the harsh comments though he had received a lot worse as a mercenary, besides the majority of her rebuff had been directed at Nox and whilst Adrian didn't like his compromise being overlooked it wasn't really too far from Destiny's own plan.

"Any questions?" she asked still acting the boss and, whilst he was sure he'd regret it he actually did
"Two actually" he stated keeping his demeanour calm, there was no reason to send her on another power trip "firstly, could you draw any more attention to us? If you scream like that again we won't have to break in because they'll be on us like the plague which means non-targets will die and we'll be royally screwed. Secondly, how are we going to sneak in through solid glass? Those windows won't open and whilst they won't see us coming through that grime they'll notice the loud smashing noise as we come through. I'm for the plan but we shouldn't pretend that any decoy will last more than two seconds."

Adrian sighed for the umpteenth time, he didn't want to come across as the guy who had to rain on peoples parades or pick holes in things, he was really more of the nonchalant keep it all calm kind of a guy. He just took his work seriously is all. He thought maybe he'd at least try to lighten the mood a bit... albeit at Nox's expense
"You're certainly right about all our plans having merits, vampires will probably eat Nox for example" he made it clear through his tone that he was joking, he was far from wanting any of his companions dead and had decided that he quite liked Luka and Destiny... still not a fan of Nox but he had to admire the nut jobs bravery.
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