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    HEY YOU!
    Hi, I'm DarkRising Girl, the creator of the popular hack, Pokemon Dark Rising.

    History of the Hack & Why I'm creating a team:
    For those who completed Dark Rising 1, know the ending left a lot of questions unanswered. Like "Why didn't I receive Arecus? I never got to battle Darugis!" and then some. That's because the Dark Rising story will be told in a Trilogy of hacks. This team thread was created for a group of skilled hackers to come together and build the sequel to Dark Rising 1. I wanted information on the sequel to be as secret as possible, which lead me solely working on it alone. However, due to the increase of entertainment that has suddenly arrived in 2013 in the form of many new TV Shows & Video Games(School is actually not preventing me from working on the hack. Isn't that a surprise?) I've decided to gather hackers from the community to assist me in the project as a lot of other things have grabbed my attention and won't let go.

    What will this group consist of?
    I need this team to be consisted of skillful Rom hackers in plenty areas of Rom hacking. But the most important aspect I'm looking for is devotion, consistency, interest, determine, and teamwork( D.C.I.D.T.)to strive and make this hack as great as it can be. I'm mostly looking for Rom Hackers who can contribute in the following ways:

    Scripters: You won't have to do any of the basic scripting like battles or give items or general talking. But you must be good and know how to create those big epic events. Due to Dark Rising 2 having the JPAN Engine, all original Fire Red Rom scripts are wiped clean, so you'll be dealing with a completely fresh new Rom to script over. Also, the hack is script heavy, so you'll have a lot of fun creating ideas and events that'll happen. Other than the main storyline & 2 B plot storylines, the rest of the hack is all yours to create whatever you desire.

    Mappers: Mapping was the weakest point of Dark Rising 1, so I'm looking for a really good mapper to step up and ease everyone's mind that Dark Rising 2 will suffer the same mapping issues as 1 did.

    Inserter: From the Titlescreen, to Battle Backgrounds, to Tiles, I'm looking for an inserter that's going to be active and can insert things at a moderate pace. Inserters who are familar with the JPAN Engine are a must. There will be plenty of OWs in the hack and for those who don't know, the JPAN Engine allows a hack to have over a thousand OWs with a thousand different pallete colors.

    The following form must be filled out:

    Skills(Mostly looking for Scripters, Mappers, Inserters):
    Proof of Work(I need to know how good you are at the specific area of which you're applying for):
    Availability(I know everyone has a life, trust me. However, I need active members on the team at least 3 or 4 times a week.):
    Are you D.C.I.D.T.(Devoted, Consistent, Interested, Determined, a Team player):

    Lastly, what will Dark Rising 2 bring to Rom Hacking Players?

    Dark Rising 2 will allow players to enjoy a hack that comes with the Physical/Special split from gen 4 and beyond, an amazing storyline that'll continue where Dark Rising 1 left off, new characters who under-go character growth as the story progresses, completely new events and characters, and Pokemon from all 5 generations available thus far, with 1 being from the 6th generation. If you've played Dark Rising 1 and enjoyed it, you can expect Dark Rising 2 to be even better in every aspect. Here's an early look at only a few characters:



    Orena(Heroine): Trainer sprite coming soon...










    GYM LEADERS (5 out of 12)








    Bug Catcher:



    (Recolors By Me. Do Not Steal!)

    Well, that's about it. I hope we can create something truely amazing and have fun while doing it. I especially want everyone in the team to talk about and discuss the hack and what will be in it. Let's just Have Fun & Work Hard! ^.^


    The current scripter on the team is very busy and will not be able to script the required events needed to continue on with the hack. I'm asking All EXPERT SCRIPTERS reading this that if you're interested in applying, now's the time to do so and your assistance will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    TEAM: Scripter- thizzman/Patrick Symus/Shubunkus
    Music Composer- Jillsandwich93
    Mapper- Moety5/Atif
    Hologram Spriter-Zekrom The Hedgehog
    Inserter & Pokemon Spriter-Aryan143
    Beta Tester-Leafgreen2itsmyidea
    Box Art & Textbox Editor-Pinkish Purple
    Pokemon Spriter-Kinataki
    OW Spriter-Jbsundown
    New Trainer Sprites- Foxz
    Banner Maker/Art Creator- Bobina30
    (Couldn't do this without you guys. Thanks!)