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Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
No, you see, the entire essence of Pop-"Punk" is that it's all about pleasing wannabe-scene preteens for the purpose of $$$. Pop-"Punk" is based off of marketable themes, such as:

-Unrequited Love
-Being Depressed
-High School
-Getting dumped
-"Good Times"

I mean, this crap is slightly better than their older crap, but it's still crap.
Not everyone who listen to pop-punk are wannabe-scene preteens, me being one of them. I just really like the music and that's the case for alot of people. That's just a stereotype and it's silly to be making generations about something like that cause I'm sure not all Pop punk bands make that type of music just too make money. They just like that style and they choose to make that kind of music. Also alot of bands/artist , not just pop punk, make songs about those things because that stuff happens to alot of people and it's a topic many can relate too. If you don't like the genre that's fine, but don't have to do nothing but complain about it and it's artist.

Anyway, back on topic. I'm honestly just happy that they're back. The first time I heard this I was really happy just because of the fact they were finally off hiatus. This is different from their usual stuff , but it's not that bad. I find it rather catchy and it's been in my head since the day they released it. I heard it on the radio tonight and got really excited cause FREAKING FALL OUT BOY ARE BEING PLAYED ON THE RADIO AGAIN. :D They're one of my favorite bands and so I'm glad that they're making a new album. Though I'm hoping that not all their song on the new album are like this. Anyone one noticed how it says "[2 Chainz edition]"? I feel that maybe they might release a different version of the song on the album. Patrick Stump did that with his solo project. He released versions of his song "Spotlight". One called the "Oh Nostalgia" version and it was released on his EP Truant Wave and the other was the "New Regrets" version which was on his full LP, Soul Punk. I kind of hope they do something like that and release a different and better sounding version in the future. Though it may be that the "2 Chainz edition" is just a version of the video that features 2 Chainz.

Speaking of the video here's how I interpret it. You got 2 Chainz, a popular rapper and some other women burning old FOB albums and memorabilia. 2Chainz then opens a van with the members of FOB all tied up and with bags over their face and then proceeds to light a match and burn the members of the band. To me the video represents how rap and such has taken over the charts and replacing rock music. Years ago a good majority of popular music was rock, but now it's mostly rap and dance beats and so rock is pretty much dead in the mainstream music industry. I think what FOB are saying that they're here to change that and bring rock music back. I think they're also saying that by burning they're old stuff, they're moving on. The FOB people knew is gone and they want to start fresh and new. Whenever an artist comes back from hiatus they never really have the same style they did back then. Music changes with the times. music. So frankly I'm excited to see what they have in store for the future.

TL;DR I'm just happy they're back after three years of hiatus. I really like this song and can't wait for their new album.
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