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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Megaman Zero is classified as an Action Platformer, and that's really what Megaman as a whole is because...well, the platforming is almost as much as, if not more of, a threat to the player than the actual enemies are.
    Is that so? I was under the impression that it was an action sidescroller with some platforming from what I saw and played, but I only played bits of the first game and I never felt the platforming was anything threatening unlike the original Mega Man games. Maybe the platforming gets dangerous later on but eh.
    Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
    Deleted my previous post, cause Machomuu made me look stupid for bringing Megaman up, but not sticking to it cause of what he stated. The platforming bits are indeed more dangerous then the enemies, cause that stuff needs to be pixel perfect, or its the spike pit for you. And while Klonoa is obscure, viable originality does exist within it, if you are looking for great platformers:
    Early levels, as the description states, which is why it looks easy. It gets harder, as also stated. Some of the stuff before the 5th boss, man...
    Another good example is Super Monkey Ball Jr. Not too hard, a lot of new levels, and the game is as hard as the console version.
    Even if it's a solid platformer (I have no doubt it is), it's still obscure and only few probably know about it. I was hesitant of mentioning the Crash platformers myself until I remembered they were released not long after the PS1 games so Crash was still as big and relevant as he was at that time. I mean, I'm sure there are other great platformers last gen I don't know of, but when I think of the big names I think of nothing. (Wario Land is in the end is still a B-tier Nintendo franchise and Mario vs Donkey Kong didn't get any recognition.) I may have perhaps misworded my previous post and should have mentioned the popularity of brands. Either way, my point still stands that platformers this gen was way better than last gen's, ports or not.

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