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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    Just going by 3DS sales figures, let me just say that it doesn't look good. The problem with the system is a lack of good games (Along with Nintendo's disinterest in innovating, I mean, another "New Super Mario Bros." game?) coupled with a battery life that is just plain atrocious. I mean, the system is selling poorly, most people I know who own them, including myself, rarely, if ever, play them, and honestly, it's really not a great system.

    So unless the new games are genuinely the best damn Pokemon games made, it doesn't look good for 'em.
    You know, if you just replaced "3DS" in your post with "PS Vita" and the references to Nintendo's franchises with Sony ones, it would be that much more accurate.

    Nintendo has no adversaries in the handheld market in this new generation, because the Vita was a flop. It's sweet to watch Sony's spell coming back to bite them, as they took the lead in the home console market with a less powerful but more versatile console (PS1), and now they went for all-out horsepower with the Vita and it backfired horribly, losing badly to the less powerful 3DS.

    Nintendo might be concerned about the smartphone and tablet market, but seriously, it's the same thing when we compare the PC to home consoles, and I can safely say home consoles have had the upper hand this generation because, among all the multi-platform games, all of those that are available for PC are bugged ports of Xbox 360 versions. The huge market for PC games still hasn't killed consoles, and it won't in the near future, provided MS, Nintendo and Sony play their cards well.

    I'd say Nintendo has an even bigger lead on the handheld market, because there are no large-budget titles for Android and iOS. If the smartphone and tablet manufacturers can't grasp the hardcore gamer public, they'll never be able to dig deep into the handheld market.

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