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The Formulated Challenge


Ever since your infancy, you were fascinated by shapes and forms and even more so about the variety of shapes of Pokémon. Out of all those shapes, you seemed to be the most interested in one of them so, by the time you reached the age when you could become a pokémon trainer, you had already decided to only use Pokémon belonging to a certain body style, resembling your favourite shape.
When the big day arrives, you quickly rush to the nearest Lab to get your first Pokémon. After being entrusted a PokéDex and PokéBalls, you tug on the straps of your backpack and excitedly rush towards your adventure.
Which shape did you choose?


You may only use Pokémon belonging to a certain body style of your choice.
Your team must have at least three(3) Pokémon in it, excluding HM Users.
You may carry around Pokémon for HM using purposes, but said Pokémon can't be used to battle. HM users can be of any body shape.
You may only hack/trade a Pokémon of your chosen body style in if you can't possibly obtain one by the time you reach the second Gym.
You are not allowed to use Legendary Pokémon.
Your Challenge ends when you defeated the Champion in the game of your choice as follows:
R/B/Y/FR/LG: Blue (Your Rival)
G/S/C/HG/SS: Red (At Mt Silver)
R/S: Steven
E: Wallace
D/P/Pt: Cynthia
B/W: Alder
B2/W2: Iris
X/Y: ???


If a Pokémon of your choice is able to evolve, but changes body style upon evolution (eg. Koffing->Weezing), you may NOT evolve it.
If a Pokémon doesn't change its body style upon evolving (eg. Voltorb-> Electrode), you are free to evolve it.
If a Pokémon has three(3) stages of evolution with the first and the final form belonging to the same body style category, you may evolve it, but you must reach the final evolution stage as soon as possible.
If a Pokémon you wish to use does not fit the body style of your choice, but its evolved form does, you are free to use it as long as you evolve it as soon as possible.

Sign- Up

Should you wish to join this challenge, please fill up the following Sign-Up form:
Form: (you may copy and paste the image from the beginning of this post)



Inferna [White 2]

SooperTrooper [Crystal]
BlueShellBeast [Jap Blue]
Serperion [Emerald]
Kobrax [Silver]
RandomMudkip[Leaf Green]
Febbe[White 2]
Slaying Moon, bipedal tailed form, Blaze Black



†Dementia†- LeafGreen()
Blaziken153- Platinum()
Seppy - Emerald()

Ultimate Challenge

If you feel up for it, you may attempt an ultimate Challenge. In order to do so, you must play through every installment of the game using the same body style.

Ultimate Challengers


Ultimate Champions



Inferna- Previous Owner

If you'd like to play with me, you better be sure you know the game.