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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    Just going by 3DS sales figures, let me just say that it doesn't look good. The problem with the system is a lack of good games (Along with Nintendo's disinterest in innovating, I mean, another "New Super Mario Bros." game?) coupled with a battery life that is just plain atrocious. I mean, the system is selling poorly, most people I know who own them, including myself, rarely, if ever, play them, and honestly, it's really not a great system.

    So unless the new games are genuinely the best damn Pokemon games made, it doesn't look good for 'em.
    I can't say that I concur with your assessment.

    First of all, the lack of good games, as you cite, is really just a matter of perspective. What you consider to be good might not be shared by others. For me personally, I spend hours playing Tetris with my 3DS, also OoT, Star Fox and Mario Kart. Those 4 games alone make having the 3DS well worth the money I paid for it. You deriding a "New Super Mario Bros." game is pretty disingenuous considering the Mario Bros. franchise is among the most successful franchises in console gaming history ever! Okay, you're not a fan. We get that. But again, that's your opinion, and your opinion is by no means shared by everyone.

    Now let's get to this battery life complaint of yours. I travel a lot by public transit. I spend a good hour and a half each day going to and from work. I take my 3DS with me, and play during the entire trip. In 3 days I haven't had to recharge the battery. Sure by the 3rd day it's pretty low, but that's still about 4 and a half hours of constant play, without charging the battery! My old cell phone couldn't even hold a charge for more than 2 days of being in standby mode! If your battery isn't performing to your satisfaction, get another battery.

    As to your charge that the 3DS is selling poorly, I have to say, you wouldn't know it by the number of systems that the store I work at sell. I work at Walmart and we can barely keep the thing in stock. In fact, I actually had to wait for a new shipment to arrive before I could get mine because we'd sold out, and that was for the new XL version! Poor sellers you say? Hardly. I think it's more likely you've been reading biased articles which cite incomplete or misleading statistics.

    My prediction: 3DS sales will increase dramatically as a result of the release of Pokemon X and Y. Even if no packaged bundle is offered at the time of release, customers will be buying both the system and the game on release day, and well past it. This based on my experience in the retail industry with past major releases at an electronics retailer (Futureshop, Walmart).
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