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    I just defeated Iris in my Dark Monotype White 2 Challenge! My first challenge ever has been completed n_n

    Game Time: 30:23 (Yes, I am quite slow... took lots of grinding in the beginning!)

    Final team:

    Level 60 Scrafty (Adamant)
    Level 59 Krookodile (Quirky)
    Level 61 Zoroark (Hasty) N's Pokemon
    Level 57 Bisharp (Hasty)

    Level 25 Ducklett (Fly/Surf)
    Level 35 Frillish (Waterfall)

    I didn't have a problem with Marshall in the E4 which was surprising. I actually had a problem with Shauntel of all things. xD Her Chandelure was fast AND nasty! I lost the first time with Iris, but luckily I had saved before fighting her. I then fought her again and didn't have a problem until I got to her last Pokemon, Archeops. I had my Bisharp out and she was spamming Rock Slide and I flinched constantly. I kept healing with hyper potions and I finally got an Iron Defense up. Eventually, after about seven flinches, I got off an Iron Head to OHKO that stupid bird and beat her to become the new Champion! :3