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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    In my opinion,Toonami is coming back in a really good way. I watch all of the shows on there (Except Thundercats & Titan. They just don't interest me and seem out of place on the lineup. Although I have heard they're good).
    I would suggest at least giving ThunderCats and Sym-Bionic Titan a chance. ThunderCats has beautiful animation and Titan is very intense for a show originally on daytime CN. Watch the Toonami promos for both on YouTube when you get a chance.

    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    My only small dislike is Naruto coming back instead of Naruto Shippuden. Disney XD hasn't aired the show in what seems like over a year, why didn't Toonami bother getting it from them? If Toonami wants to air Naruto, why not air back to back episodes?
    According to the Toonami tumblr, Disney still owns Shippuden even though they no longer run it, so they can't get it. And running multiple episodes a night would cost more, so they can only run 1.

    Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
    Madoka would pick up and hold a better crowd than Thundercats could because Madoka's already got an established fanbase who would watch it because, as said earlier, Aniplex overprices their stuff by an insane amount.
    I disagree with that. ThunderCats has become one of the most popular and highest rated shows on Toonami right now, holding over 1 million viewers at 1am multiple times, and beating Naruto a few times as well.

    Madoka comes across as a show made for otaku, which is why they shouldn't get it. The hardcore otaku aren't watching Toonami anyway, and even if Madoka did get picked up, I'm sure it's online somewhere already, so they're not going to wait to watch only 12 episodes over a 3 month period.

    I think that's also a good reason why Naruto is probably doing so well on Toonami right now. I know a lot of the hardcore anime fans hate Naruto, but it hasn't had a bad night yet.
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