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    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    Welcome, I like Pokemon (wait actually, welcome back!), Napsy and Gunner!
    Haha, it's good to be back. I need to start posting here more often, I don't yet feel like one of us.

    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    It's really unfortunate that you're only in Act 3, Gunner, but I'm sure you'll catch up eventually. I mean even I just started reading four months ago, but I caught up in like a month because I was just hooked and enjoyed it to bits. I guess we'll bump the spoilers back to hide yo kids hide yo wife for anything after Act 3 for Gunner here. How far are you in Act 3? Things are getting pretty interesting, yeah? ;D
    Oh man all the way to Act 3? Welp, I hope you catch up soon Gunner :p
    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    I was really expecting a flash, too. ;; I guess Hussie got lazy? I was hoping the returning characters would at least get a flash, if it didn't happen from the changes that the alpha kids went under when the explosions happened (man, being vague so that it's relatively spoiler-free is hard, but I must do it because I feel lazy with the spoiler tags, haha). Oh well. I'm also just really really happy to see Jade again. <3
    I'm not sure if lazy would be accurate. I figure it might be because we've had a very recent period of "break for a week then MASSIVE UPDATE" for a while now... I think it's quite nice to go back to normality again (I love the feeling of waking up and checking the update very first thing in the morning).
    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    update (02/10/13)
    I said from my previous post how Roxy became my favorite Homestuck character, and I'm definitely sticking to this now that I hear that Rika is warming up to her too. :D She's amazing and really cute, plus all of Dirk's compliments made me see more into how she is as a person, and how she really was while sober. She has the most kickass-looking God Tier outfit out of the Alpha kids too, imo. <3 Gamzee I haven't really had any good words to describe him since Alterniabound, so I still don't get why he gets so much attention, haha. B2 session i.e. post-Scratch kids session Jack I think isn't possessed by Caliborn but simply made as a pawn or something, since I reckon he'd be less wild and crazy if he were possessed. So Caliborn is still LE. But man, I still flipped out when the entire transformation scene played out.

    But yes, this recent update was just so awesome. Jade is adorable, and it's funny how she's basically talking to younger, alternate versions of her ectobiological parents like as normal Jade, while they're just stoked to see another human (with odd dog ears and space powers to boot!), haha. I wonder if Jake has made the connection that it was this Jade he was writing to as a penpal. And where is John? Dealing with the Condesce, perhaps? So excited to see Dirk and Roxy meet Dave and Rose eventually, ahh. Oh and the beta kids finally catching up with each other after all those grueling years of being stuck with their ectosiblings, sprites and/or a couple of dead (or alive) trolls. John, Rose, Dave and Jade must have missed the other two. Excited to see their reunion!

    I wonder how far Rose and Kanaya's relationship have progressed. :o
    Roxy is definitely one of my favourite kids (hell, I really like the StriLondes in general, but the Prospit dreamers are definitely catching up.
    And hell yes she has the best alpha outfit. I am not a fan of the Prince's or the Page's legs, and Life's grey is very... drab.

    Gamzee is simply the embodiment of the wildcard. That's really all there is to it, I guess.

    About "Lord Noir" (a nickname I've heard, haha), I think... Caliborn was controlling him through Lil Cal. Whether this counts as "possession" or not, I'm not too sure. At the very least, Noir is hyper-powered up (but still no match for Jade's first guardian powers!).
    Which reminds me - I think that Lord Noir being sent to the furthest ring will be important... Perhaps Bec Noir and PM will meet him? I still think all the Noirs/Slicks (Spades Slick from A2, MAYBE also from A1 if we ever see that session, Bec Noir from B1, Lord Noir from B2, and hell maybe even Cherub Noir from the Calisession may come). 3/4/5x stab combo, anyone?

    I have a feeling Jake has made the connection that Jade is who he was talking with - I think they both signed their name down? Plus, there aren't that many Jades he could be talking to :p

    My first thought is that John is still on the ship, and Jade just teleported to Jake/Jane so she could deal with Noir. But you could be right in that he's dealing with the Condesce (which would be interesting, since he first talked with Meenah I think?). Makes me wonder when the meteor will come in, since I was expecting all the StriLondes to meet, and the Egbert/Harley/Crocker/English combo to meet.

    We shall see!
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