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    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    An entire team is working on the Yugioh games but the AI is still dumb and slow. Of course they need to make a general AI because there are just to many cards with to many different effects that need to be considered. Because of some effects it needs to do tons of calculation which makes it so slow. It even calculates all the cards the opponent has which is pretty ridiculous because it can't know what you are planning and it will make the wrong decision anyway.
    Do you think that much effort is needed for a (non-profit) Starter Kit that just one person is coding? IMO not.
    I think, because of how the Pokemon TCG is build and that the AI is forced to use the deck you give it, you can achieve much more with an AI that is concentrated on the deck it is using. An AI that "knows", that it needs Blastoises Ability as often as possible to support his water deck, is much smarter then an AI that "knows" how to use its ability but doesn't do it correctly.
    This isn't a single game though, wherein the functionality doesn't have to extend beyond what I personally want the game to do. Anyone can create any deck and give it to an NPC, which under your idea means that they would also need to make a new AI to support that deck (or use an existing "close enough" AI).

    Let's consider what a profile AI would do anyway. It looks at a card and decides whether it should be used. This means analysing the field and deciding how best to use it. This is no different than what an all-encompassing AI would do, with the one exception being that for your way, there would be a few more calculations which check the kind of AI and alter various calculations accordingly.

    I honestly think making a single AI would be easier than making several.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    The cards will lose important details by displaying a lower resolution. And its harder to make good looking concepts. I don't understand why you want a kit that supports half sized screens. It makes stuff more complicated then they need to be. But if you still insist on it i can cut out the images out of the cards so you can only display them with written information. This way we can save quality and you can have a half sized game.
    Because Essentials lets the player reduce the screen size. It's an utterly stupid thing to do, but it's possible, and I'd like to keep the design intact if someone does it. I really don't think it's any more complicated to design for a 256x192 screen anyway - I've never had any problems with doing so.

    The card images don't need messing with. Perhaps I'll show them like the duel background (half at once, and you can move it up and down).

    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
    The idea was that the card list would expand/contract as the screen size increased/decreased. And the font is just one of the ones included with Essentials, so it should work fine in-game.
    None of the regular fonts that Essentials uses are that small. I don't want to use the smaller versions of those fonts because they're harder to read.

    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
    As far as one card difference, is it really that huge a deal? I mean, at least personally, when items are really skinny on a list clicking them can tend to be aggravating. I end up clicking the wrong one and having to undo whatever it is I just did. Anyways, that's really up to you, I just figured a "sort by" option would be nice.
    If anything, the items in your list are a little "skinnier" than how they already are. There's no clicking anyway - no mouse support. Having more items visible at once makes it easier to find what you're looking for. There are some sorting and filter options too.

    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
    Sure, you're meaning completely custom symbols that don't look like the originals at all? I thought about that but didn't know how well it would be received. I'm all for it though.
    Well, whatever works best. It's an opportunity to create something, see what works.
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