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    This is not a ROM hack

    Ok, to start off, my name is Zodiac. or FlannaryReturns on Deviant Art.
    I came here looking for game development and loved it.

    Now before you read any further; I know a fair amount of people here don't like the Pokémon script project kit, but I prefer it because it's a lot easier/simpler to use than essentials (less manually calling of scripts and more automatic calling of scripts).

    Just a few days ago, Rayquaza., Firestorm. and I started to put together the foundations of this game, so I hope you like it.

    The Legend of the Shunoh Region:

    The region of Shunoh had always been a quiet and tranquil land, lush green meadows, deep blue seas, clear blue skies and Pokemon living in harmony with the people around them. The neighbouring region of Sinnoh began to grow jealous of their peace and tranquility however, as they had metropolised most of the region. They declared war on the people of Shunoh harnessing the abilities of two mythical Pokemon; Dialga and Palkia, using a glowing red chain - said to contain the 'original' powers. The people of Shirre had no hope of fighting back to this immense power.
    When the end of the war drew near, and when defeat was almost certain, two new Pokemon appeared in the Shunoh region; one from the volcano; Mt. Tretcherous, and the other from the Ocean Trench. These Pokemon were so powerful that they blazed and drowned the Sinnoh region in an instant, the Shunoh region had almost destroyed the Sinnoh region, turning the tables of the situation over the course of the last 50 years… Defeated, the mythical Dialga and Palkia were locked inside two separate dimensions by the people of the Shunoh region in recognition of their victory and as punishment for the war that the people of the Sinnoh region had declared against them. After the battle was won, the two regions were united and peace was restored to both of them. The two Pokemon that had risen up to fight along side of the people of the Shirre region disappeared to their resting places and fell into a deep slumber.
    2000 years past and the legend of Shirre had been recorded and excavated by the modern metropolis that had engulfed most of the region in the last 50 years. It then came to the attention of the people that half of the region was high up on dry land, many droughts occurred and many of their cities were raked with sandstorms and cyclones and the other half was at sea level, a humid climate with plenty of rain but a high risk of flooding. A new organisation arose on both sides of the region, one worshiping the land and the other worshiping the sea. The two organisations began to worship the Pokemon of the war to rise up against the other, so started a rivalry between the two teams of the region and later the impending approach of a civil war between the people of the land and the people of the sea.

    The Story:

    4 years had past since the events that occurred atop Mt. Coronet, professor Rowan has been asked by Professor Elder, a researcher based in the Shunoh region, to come over to help with the evolution of a strange and rather odd egg that had been discovered in a nearby daycare - just south of Rishend Town. This egg was odd as it contained a Pokémon that would undergo quite a remarkable and unbelievable transformation. After agreeing, professor Rowan decided to bring his two best assistants with him, you and your rival, once there you were entrusted with the egg, a starter Pokémon and asked to go on a journey in the name of Pokémon evolutionary research... And to have some fun...
    Although two shadowy organisations lurking within the darkest corners of the region were almost fully operational - and about to make a move...

    The Heroes:

    Thomas - a feisty and outgoing trainer, who sets his goals very highly and has loved Pokémon all his life and hates the idea of Pokémon abuse. He chooses the starter with a type advantage to you if you are a girl.

    Mikayla (Sprite not yet final) - She loves the idea of a challenge, she is very smart, strategic person and loves to read Pokémon poetry. She chooses the starter with a type advantage to you if you are a boy.


    Vs. Sequence/animated trainers and Graphics test:


    More coming soon!


    Zodiac. (Me): Founder, mapper, eventer, storywriter and plotter
    Rayquaza.: Co-founder, mapper, spriter, scripter, eventer

    Special Thanks:

    Rayquaza. - Scripting, Graphics, plot editing, mapper, eventer
    Firestorm. - Gathering tiles
    Pablosky - Pokémon Script Project DS (PSP DS Kit)


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