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    How is it an issue? Lol

    But yeah it's pretty commonly speculated that all of the Fire-starters are based on animals in the Chinese zodiac. Whether or not it's coincidence is up to fans to decide but the fact of the matter is that the starters ALL have links to it, like it or not.

    Foxes are canines too so yeah, easily applicable. I highly doubt GF is going to be as specific as possible about it, they're developing it so it's entirely how they want to play it. But half of the animals in the Chinese zodiac are represented by the Fire-type starters in some way or another. You guys think that's entirely coincidence?

    You can't compare Pokemon exclusively to one species of animal because they aren't animals. They're imaginative creatures. No need to be so literal.

    I'm personally eager to see the tiger *w*

    sn: They already canonically represented the astrological zodiac with Pokemon that loosely yet accurately fit the mold for the signs - Gothitelle represents Virgo, can you really see that as a young maiden? Not literally but figuratively, yes.