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    Originally Posted by Ooka View Post
    I gave it a shot, just ideas if anything.

    Personally i think the Icons don't fit. You need following Icons: 7 Types of "Basic Pokemon" Icons, "Stage 1" Icon, "Stage 2" Icon, "Trainer Card" Icon, "Energy" Icon, "Special Energy" Icon.
    And i think it is preferably that they resemble what they stand for.

    Originally Posted by Ayutac
    The difficulty with deck-depending AIs is if the programmer can even see all possibilities and combinations I guess.
    Hmm you might be right about that. But that is a way how we as a community can help.
    And the Yugioh AI is dumber then you maybe think. It looks smarter then it is because of the decks the creators gave it. And that is how they give it different difficulties.