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chapter 3; part I
Aberdeen Black // Pewter City

Finally, they were out of the forest. He felt like he had been there for days, while he had only spent one night there. A lot of stuff had happened though. And now he Aberdeen was determined to go and challenge the pokémon gym as quickly as he could. Memeeber wanted them to stop at a diner and get something REAL for lunch, as she put it. Aberdeen claimed to not be hungry yet. He merely stopped to buy a sandwhich in the PokéCenter's cafeteria while his pokémon were healed after their last escapades, and then he dragged the groaning girl with him to the large, imposing building at the western edge of town.

The area behind the gym was rocky. The mountain really began there. Aberdeen didn't want to listen to Memeeber when she said that he might need some more training before he could win at a gym. The Viridian boy just stormed in through the gates to the gym.

"I'm here to challenge Brock!" he shouted out. He had come into a hall where some trainers were standing and chatting and a long haired dude with a ponytail sat behind what seemed to be a reception desk. They all stared at Ab' for a moment when he stormed in, but then went back to their business as if that happened a lot here.

Aberdeen turned red, and so did Memeeber. Embarrassing...

"You," a voice said from straight ahead. It was a young man clad in a green training dress, a scarf pulled up almost over his mouth and a beanie hat pulled down over his hair, who were standing in the doorway to some hall behind him. No... an arena! Ab could see the open space and lines to the staging area behind the trainer. "Did you say you wanted to challenge Brock?"

"I did!" Aberdeen said, not wavering on the voice. "Where is he?"

The trainer grinned. "You are light years from facing Brock! You'll have to go through me first!"

"Eh?" Aberdeen scratched his head. "Why?"

"It's tradition! Just come in to the arena here and I'll show you that you're not at all good enough to challenge our gym leader!"

"What do you know!" Aberdeen snapped but followed the trainer through the doors.

The arena was covered in rocks, with artificially constructed cliffs along the sides. Or maybe the gym was simply built directly onto the ground with natural mountain in it. The cliffs had many scars and dents and cracks; clearly many battles had been fought here throughout the years. There were some place for spectators to watch the battle from the sidelines. Memeeber took place there, along with a few other interested gym goers who decided to take a break and watch the challenger.

"Two pokémon each," the green trainer said.

"Four!" Aberdeen shouted.

"Ab!" Memeeber exclaimed. "Careful!"

"I want all my pokémon to get a feel for what it's like to battle inside a real gym!" he called back to her, stepping up to his side of the arena. "Even if it's not against the leader."

"Haha. If you're sure. I'll only need two pokémon though! By the way. Name's... Clad."

"I'm Aberdeen!" With that, he thought hard about what pokémon to use. Hopefully, he wouldn't need Pinocchio. He had watched enough battles on TV to know that electricity was no good against ground.

"Fair enough. Sandshrew, go!" Clad made his first battler take shape on the arena. A yellow mouse of a thicker and stronger sort than Pikachu. Ab' almost wanted to let Pinocchio out just to measure the difference, but managed not to.

"Bernadette!" he said instead, and sent out his darling Butterfree. When she materialized, her look was anything other than 'darling'. Her usual determined stare was as present as ever and now fixed directly at Sandshrew, who sweatdropped little, as if intimidated. Aberdeen was about to comment on their matchup, when Clad went ahead and began attacking immediately.

"Sandshrew, use Scratch!" The mouse ran forward quickly and jumped into the air with surprising agility. Luckily, Bernadette's movement in air was superior and she managed to dodge it.

"Ah, alright then!" Ab' said. "Show him that you can attack too! Tackle!" Bernadette dove and relatively easily Tackled the mouse on the ground. He got up quick though, not looking very harmed.

"Its defenses are strong..." Memeeber mumbled, sitting on a bench on the side. Some trainers nearby chuckled.

"Use Sleep Powder!" Ab then shouted. Bernadette sprayed a blue powder into the air with some flaps of her wings. The powder filled up the air over the arena and made the spectators want to back off a little. But the attack was aimed at Sandshrew and did travel his way...

"Rapid Spin!" Clad said with a smile. Sandshrew didn't look intimidated or worried; he just jumped up and began spinning increasingly rapidly. The powder touched his skin but was blown off by the sheer spinning. Aberdeen gasped and then pouted.

"Surprised, are you? Don't you know anything about tactics? When fighting a trained pokémon as opposed to a wild, you have to be prepared for ANYTHING!" Clad said, laughing. "Attack, Sandshrew!" His pokémon bounced on the ground, still not affected by the Sleep Powder that was beginning to dissipate and blend into the floor dust. The mouse shot directly at Bernadette while still spinning rapidly, resulting in a powerful rolling tackle. Bernadette squealed and fell through the air, but regained control of her wings before she fell against the floor.

Aberdeen felt nervousness prickle at his skin. But he wouldn't give in yet! "Bernadette, use Confusion!" The butterfree obeyed as Sandshrew fell back towards the floor, giving him a jolt of mental pain that confused him momentarily and made him trip while he was about to land skillfully on the floor. Instead, he tripped backwards and landed on his back with a loud 'thud'.

"Good job!" Ab commended his pokémon, who regained some of her determined composure.

"Sandshrew, Poison Sting!"

The attack had come swiftly and the sandshrew's claw glowed in purple as he lounged forward repeatedly to try and scratch the butterfree with his dangerously covered stinging claw. Of course she was up in the air, but Sandshrew jumped incredibly high.

"Confusion!" Ab shouted and Bernadette made her eyes glow in preparation for launching another psychic kick.

"Sand Attack!" Sandshrew obeyed his master's order too quickly and shoved dust up into Bernadette's face. Her attack was canceled! "Now, Scratch!" The mouse Scratched her across her body and made her once again struggle to stay airborne.

"Stun Spore!" Ab shouted out, just to do something.

"It won't have time to reach him," Clad snickered. "Swift!" Star shaped rays was suddenly conjured and shot out from Sandshrew's open arms. They hit the butterfree without fail and made the pain go over her limits. She fell down into the dust and fainted.

Memeeber stood up in horror. Clad laughed a little, together with the other gym trainers who were watching. Aberdeen moved up to Bernadette in silence, the cap down low over his face, and picked her up into his arms. He gave her a gentle pat before returning her to the pokéball.

"See now? You're still light years from facing Brock!"

"Everybody loses once in a while. What matters is how things end. I'll end you!" Aberdeen said, lifting his face up at the last words. A determination that reminded Memeeber of Bernadette's could be seen there. He was not down yet.

"We said four pokémon, right?"

"Hah... That's right. Choose your next one, challenger."

"With pleasure!"

To be continued...

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