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    Nox Fenoir

    Though he somewhat liked trading animosities with Adrian, Nox felt the argument blew up far beyond what he expected it to. He didn't take the insults too seriously as he didn't have any real problem with Adrian other than he didn't like having to adjust his ways of doing things to accommodate him, as is what happens when different individuals a put onto a team and must work as a unit.

    The female and oldest Reaper began to scold them as though she was the queen bee, but Nox didn't take offense because she was the oldest after all. He himself wouldn't want to be on a mission with what she probably saw as extremely young teammates, let alone arguing ones at that. However, Nox was never the type to allow himself to be bossed around by anyone, let alone someone who seemed to have a bit of a superiority complex.

    "I agree enough arguing, The Grims assigned us this mission because we are all able to handle it. As far as my plan goes, never did I say it was the definite course of action. It was just speculation," said Nox, a hint of exasperation in his low voice. He disliked having to explain himself to people, especially if he feels misunderstood regarding his intentions. "As lady Destiny here so nicely pointed out, we can surely come up with a plan to suit each of our attributes."

    He raised an eyebrow at her as the group continued the discussion of their plans. Adrian directed a question at him.

    "Can you make us all look like harbingers for a short time? Just long enough for us to walk in and start lopping of heads? By improving the original plan with an extra layers like that we can add to their confusion and make our safe entry more likely."

    "I like the sound of that, even if my plan was a bit complex it was what I was suggesting from the start. Something to distract long enough for us to get inside the building," he responded.


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