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    I'm appalled some people still can't get over the fact that Gen 6 will be on the 3DS.

    Once again, people, read this list and think: didn't Game Freak/The Pokémon Company/whoever is developing these games already throw you a bone? Didn't they already give the DS a second chance?
    • Game Boy - Generation 1: one Generation, versions of one story.
    • Game Boy Color - Generation 2: one Generation, versions of one story.
    • Game Boy Advance - Generation 3: one Generation, versions of two stories.
    • DS - Generations 4 and 5: two Generations, versions of four stories.
    Let me put it bluntly: you should be thankful the DS already had twice as many generations and games than... I don't know, all the other Nintendo handhelds so far, not feel "betrayed" because it won't have Gen 6.

    It blows my mind. I've never heard about people complaining about developers switching to superior hardware before. Before this, all transitions went smoothly, and now suddenly people start accusing the developers and Nintendo of being money grubbers and feeling betrayed... I'm not saying they don't do this for money, because come on, it is a business after all, but seriously people, what changed between then and now?

    And about 3DS having no games that are worth it... remember that meme a few years back: "PS3 has no games"? I was saying that back then too, now I seriously plan on buying one because there are quite a few games I'm dying to play. It will be the same for the 3DS, just wait and see, and it starts with X/Y.
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