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    I awoke on a beach, with no memory of what happened and soaking wet with Gardevoir standing next to me. Suddenly, my vision blurred and I saw a vision. The Shaymin I had morphed into Zoroark! Startled, I breathed in water until I drowned. I died?, I thought. Swampert grabbed me and Zoroark and took us to the surface and to the nearest piece of land. He rummaged through my pockets and retrieved a pokeball. He pressed the button and Gardevoir came out. She understood immediately. She held a hand towards me and water flowed out of my mouth.

    My vision blurred again and the flashback ended. "I owe you my life Gardevoir. How do I repay you?" I smiled. "Lets do it. Teleport us to Shaymin please." There was a flash of purple light and I was standing a midst a weird scene. Shaymin was floating surrounded by Litwick attacking two trainers! The Litwick must have been controlling Shaymin! I knew what to do...

    "Bring forth destruction! Zoroark!" Zoroark appeared from his pokeball surrounded by Void energy. Showoff. "Gardevoir, send Zoroark into the astral plane! Zoroark, go into Shaymin and get that Litwick out!" Gardevoir's eyes glowed and Zoroark collapsed. I then saw something like a shadow flow from him into Shaymin. Shaymin pulsed black, purple, and red, then a Litwick flew from Shaymin's body. A shadow flowed back from Shaymin into Zoroark and he picked himself up from the ground. I leaped foward and caught Shaymin before she hit the ground. "Youre safe... Zoroark, Dark Void!" Zoroark lifted his arms and a ball with spiraling waves of darkness formed between his hands. He threw it against the ground and every single Litwick flew backwards and was knocked out. Beta was thrown into a wall, out cold.

    I turned and faced the two trainers behind me, smiled, and pointed a thumb at myself. "...I'm Torrent, and I just saved the day. Who's hungry?"
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