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    Wow, you know, I was genuinly, and happily, surprised by your work here. This is a rare case when I'm heavily applauding a fan-game's art, sound, and overall design.
    You can tell just by playing this that it had a lot of work put into it. Unlike other fan-games I see, you can't rely on silly, and flashy graphics to support your game, because it'll stick out terribly. I thoroughly enjoyed your work on this, and hope to see more on this project. Also, I've never said this about a Pokemon fan-game, since I'm such a critical person. I can't find a flaw with this game just by playing it, and sometimes, often times actually, I can, so when I say I love this, I kinda mean it xD
    Well, have fun finishing that next release, and hope it impresses me as much as this release did. You just got yourself a fan, miksy91 ;3
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