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    Originally Posted by James901 View Post
    Sorry but are you participating in a single challenge or ultimate challenge? Alse how many badges do you have? I'd like to add you to the OP but I need to know first.
    My fault, I've been on this challenge forever, thought I would still be listed. I am on an Ultimate Challenge with Zubat, in second gen right now and just got my fifth badge (Cianwood)

    Annnnd speaking of which.

    I like water routes. I don't like water routes WHEN I'M TALKING TENTACOOL!

    Part 13:

    -Crossing the sea
    -Observing the Whirl Islands.
    -??? (It's more Tentacool)

    I'm back with the Boast Bros. Check out our Randomlocke Versus, it's sure to please.