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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post

    le reply
    My thoughts too, on Roxy. I kind of miss the old Act 5 Act 1 Gamzee He was kind of adorable, when I think about it. And yeah, I think your thoughts on LE/Jack are probable

    Jade is always Jade :D I'm amazed at how good Hussie is at keeping the characters true to their personalities. The only one who have really changed over time, imo, are Rose (even more dark and weird while she was a bit lighter and dull at the beginning), Dave (he kind of lost his kindofsilly coolkid style somewhere in Act 5 Act 2, I think, but Hussie got it back in the intermissions when Dave began rapping again ) and Terezi (face it, she used to be a smiling, creepy evilgirl but along her feud with Vriska and then her relationship with Dave and her dancestor, she turned a lot more mature and serious). Hmm. Now when I write it out, I realize those "character changes" make sense considering what they've gone through ; so nevermind xD
    /unnecessary text brick

    Kanaya and Rose! I somehow think they have already broken up, actually. So that John x Rose can happen lmfao
    Spoilered reply


    Speaking of Rose and Kanaya, maybe an interesting topic would be ships? Or should we not go there lol

    I love Jade, she is simply the best at being Jade. What does Homestuck need? More Jades. But have you ever noticed that Rose seems a bit...Jaded? And Jade is notorious for wearing Rose colored glasses? :0

    I'm thinking the meteor is gonna come out by derse's moon (or where it used to be, haha) and Dave and Rose are gonna fly out like "hey" and Dirk and Roxy are gonna be like "omg its our parent". And then Karkat is gonna come out and be like "HEY NOOKSUCKERS BLAH BLAH TAINTCHAIFING CHRIST" and Roxy is either going to think he is adorable or repulsive, lol. (sorryif that doesnt make sense, I'm really excited)

    Aaaand, I think John's on his way to meet up with Jade, Jake, and Jane. (haha wow thats too many Ja_e names in a row) Jade can teleport and whatnot, and I think John has to fly, so it would take him longer to get there (but in that case, why didn't jade just warp him there too?)


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