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    Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
    The 3DS has popular games. Very popular. That you don't like any of them doesn't make them unpopular, it just makes them games you personally don't like. Nintendo does not focus on only one particular group of gamers. Nintendo, being the smart and savvy company they are, create games that are everyone can enjoy. Limiting themselves by making one group of gamers happy over others is a very poor business strategy.

    But maybe, just maybe, it's not the games that you're sore about. Maybe it's the system itself, and because the games you are griping about aren't on a system other than the 3DS you stubbornly refuse to touch them, or even acknowledge their existence.

    He speaks the truth.

    The 3DS has plenty of interesting, quality titles, we havn't even touched on games Like Kid Icarus: Uprising, Resident Evil Revelations, and games that when it's all said and done, look very compartable to Vita titles, and far outshine any of the Android/Ipod equivalent titles.

    Pokemon X and Y arn't the 3Ds's only major titles coming soon though either. With planned releases such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Fire Emblem X Shin Megumi Tenshi, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The 3DS's Library is growing more competent with almost every release. I mean, sure a few of their more successful titles are remakes, but that's been going on every single other console, handheld or otherwise To bring it full circle to remain on topic, This system will not kill Pokemon, if anything Pokemon will give this system a boost so that developers will make even more amazing games.
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