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    Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
    Naruto was a really good pickup and I'm glad it's doing well. Once Bleach ends, Naruto will take over as That One Long Ongoing Series and hopefully it'll continue doing as well as it's been doing. The ratings might plummet a bit once they hit that giant patch of filler, though.
    But unlike Bleach, all of the Naruto episodes have already aired on Toonami back in the day. I just can't see it taking Bleach's spot completely. Maybe as that long on-going series you mentioned, but I can't see it generating the same amount of appeal as Bleach. Bleach is just more fast-paced and airing new episodes on Toonami. People have seen all of the Naruto episodes a long time ago. You could say there's a newer audience now since Toonami went off the air years ago, but I think a lot of those people still tune in to Toonami every night and have seen all Naruto has to offer.
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