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Hey guys, everything is updated, including the member list and topics.

So firstly I'd like to welcome Cirno for joining us! It seems you picked some adorable looking pokemon.

Also I'd like to congradulate AlexOzzyCake for reaching 10 posts, and acheive your first simple vanilla star next to your name.

As for the voting for the club mascot, not surprisingly at all the winner is Eevee! And I cant blame all who voted for the little furball, cuz he's downright adorable!

As for the current topic:

I think alot of people are agreeing tha Togekiss is among the strongest normal types. And yea I agree. Just look at its movepool, its stats(great phsical and special bulk, along with killer sp attack, and decent speed), it can perform a wide variety of tasks and functions for its team. It can sweep with nasty plot, support with wish and heal bell, flinch hax with air slash/thunder wave, double battle support, etc. etc. Really, Togekiss is one of those pokemon you can really get creative with. I've seen people use it on a rain team with water pulse abusing the rain boost along with its abillity(serene grace) to boost confusion chance. I use Togekiss on my OU team consistently so I'm familiar with its potential.

If you guys want to continue discussing the current topic you all are free to do so. However I do have some new topic ideas in mind.

EDIT/NOTICE: Ok guys I changed my mind. We are going to have a featured pokemon every so often instead of a permanent mascot. Simply because I find it awkward to have eevee as the mascot seeing as there is already an eevee and eeveelution club. Nonetheless, eevee is still our featured pokemon winner.