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    Originally Posted by Can of Nothing View Post
    I'm not sure about anything else, but RAM, Processor and OS isn't an issue - I run XP Home SP3, 1.66GHz and 0.99GB ram, and Obsidian's been running pretty well for all I know.

    And yeah, 0.99GB ram - Que the questions on how on earth I make music on such a tiny machine.
    ...Or not. Whichever.

    Edit: Maybe it's the graphics card? I couldn't run a Mario fangame on a system with more RAM while I can run it on this machine.

    Is there a way to find out whether the graphics card is to blame, without opening up the machine? (Last time I needed an internal part installed, I hired someone.) The error dialog-box wasn't very specific about what caused game.exe to crash.

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