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    ... just wow this guy called Torrent just appeared out of nowhere I'm pretty sure his Gardevoir had used teleport. Shadow seemed speechless, his pokemon were well... in shock but that was probably from the Paralysis. I greeted Torrent and explained to him the situation, he seemed drenched, had he been at sea? I didn't know but I explained to him we were in the old Galactic Warehouse where Team Magma had taken Shaymin.

    We soon headed off to the Veilstone mall and talked about what had happened to Torrent. He described the Island he was on similarly to "Two Island", I was pretty surprised that Shaymin had travelled so far most likely across Oblivia to get to Sinnoh. I knew there was something odd about Torrent he had a Six pokeball belt but only 3 slots were filled, for someone with a relatively strong team he would more likely had 6 pokemon, he also seemed to be lacking any berries or food. The three of us decided it best to catch the S.S. Vista to Two Island as it was going directly to Two Island to deliver a crate of SMs (Secret Machines) for the Tutor on the cape. So we began our trip over to Canalave.

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