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    Originally Posted by techfolo2 View Post
    i was curious when will my gabite evolve and will my electabuzz evolve?
    You can evolve Gabite as its Level up to Lv60,and you need to level up Electabuzz to Lv50 to evolve it.

    Originally Posted by fawaz100 View Post
    where can I find Larvitar ? please
    You can find it in Stardust Fountain.

    Originally Posted by icebringer99 View Post
    anyone know how i can get a leafeon?

    You can get a special Eevee on Flora Island,simply use Leaf Stone to evolve it to Leafeon.

    oh and is it possible to find zorua here? heard it is in white wave city
    It's true that you can get a Zorua in Whitewave City.

    Originally Posted by tommeh19 View Post
    where can i find kyurem at?
    After the event of Team Mirage on the top of Mt.Skywall,go to Cloud Meadow and use Surf to surf through the water,then get into the depth of Mt.Snowy,you'll meet it there.
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