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Tamor Bellfiend and Auden Radke
Captian's Ship / Shingou City
Tamor instantly shrunk herself as Auden came into her line of sight, his tone conveyed such confidence that it bothered her. It felt like he knew he had her like a cornered rat and that she should just be submissive but if she let that happen, what else would he be able to get away with? Before she realized it she had slapped him hard against his now redden left cheek, which left a visible handprint on it. Her anger had been waiting to get out and now it had its chance. Tamor snatched the mug from his fingers and emptied its contents onto Auden before smashing it onto the ground. Afraid of his reaction she ran back into the room and shut the down, she leaned against the door, which she hoped would prevent him from entering. Tamor heard her heartbeats as if it was ready to burst out of her chest, she wasn't ready to die. Auden needed Tamor, after all they were going to be stuck on this boat for quite some time and it was clear he didn't have another "toy". As if they were automatic her eyes started to water again, Tamor was now doing exactly what Auden wanted her to do and despite her unwillingness to admit maybe it was for the best.

Fire started pulsing around Auden's dripping wet body; controlling himself, he allowed just enough heat to speed dry his clothes. Sighing he thought of how to properly punish his new toy who clearly was ready for more fun after showing her defiant attitude. After about a minute his clothes had dried considerably and he pushed on the door, not surprised to feel weight behind it. "Tamor," he said calmly moving in closer to the door. "You have till the count of 5 to let me in.." Tamor planted her feet further out so that she could have more of her strength forced against the door.

"Five, four, three, two, one." At "one" a burst of air rushed through Auden, that aided his push as the door flung open with a dulled thud of Tamor falling to the ground, her nose bleeding. Stepping inside the room Auden closed the door, looking and activiating his privacy spell once again. He cracked his neck as he began to speak to Tamor. "So, you thought it was a good idea to reject my kindness Dwelf?" She scampered backwards, desperately trying to get away from him as he approached her. Fear was in her eyes, as well as a slight amount of defiance, as if she could just bare with long enough this she would be able to get out unphased, a look at excited Auden immensely. He paused infront of her for a moment, allowing her a chance to respond before he enacted his punishment on her.

A slight smile developed on his face as she refused to say anything. "At least you realise.." His right hand suddenly shot out grabbing her around the throat, lifting her up. "That you did something wrong." His grip tightened as she struggled to get away, to no avail. Catching her left hand he looked deeply into her eyes. "Let's not forget Tamor," his hand moving over hers, forcing all but her index finger to clench. "You need me to survive this." A crunching sound followed by a muffled scream filled the room, her struggling slowly down as she began to gasping for air. A smile was his reply as he tightened his grip around her neck and brought her middle finger up. Tears rolled down her face as another crunch sounded out. Letting go of her neck her body fell to the ground as she began to violently cough.

"S-sorry," Tamor croaked through her coughing fits as tears and blood running down her face.


It happened again and again, it was always when Tamor felt her absolute lowest like she had nothing else to live for. For some reason he never tried to persuade her against joining the other Knights but it still felt to her as if he had a leash on her. At nights she wandered the ship where she checked on how the other Knights were, she hoped she could make connections with them. She doubted that they even wanted to have anything to do with her since she was the pathetic, Tamor thought she didn't even deserve their attention. Sometimes she would just sit in a corner and whisper things that she clearly couldn't tell to the others to her only friend, Niolas, her hawk. Why hadn't she paid attention to her hawk's clear discomfort at the former mysterious man was a question she constantly asked herself day in and day out. Auden and her conversations were limited to small chit-chats it was made clear that Auden didn't like to talk about his past, which naturally was what Tamor was the most interested in. They slept in the same room but she refused to share the same bed as him and rightfully so he respected her decision.

The rest of the days aboard the ships seemed blurry they went by so fast Tamor couldn't recall the details to them. She remembered getting sick off of some food that some onboard sailor had given her and she had embarrassed herself by having retched all over the lower deck floors. Auden appeared more compassionate on those days as he made sure she got to her bed and was properly taken care of. Tamor felt as if they were getting closer, not intimately, but she was definitely getting used to his company. Often she felt disgusted at herself for even having the thought of considering someone who called her a "toy" a friend. She often wondered what he was thinking as he laid only a couple feet away from her. It was probably something complex, if only she had the chance to hear his thoughts but maybe a filtered version. Well, if she had one wish it would go to getting off the boat because she hated every minute that passed by on that vessel.

This trip was infinitly more bearable than the last for Auden, mainly due to the addition of his new toy Tamor. He had spent most nights indulging in his guitly pleasure, except for a few days when she had gotten sick and he had taken care of her; a sick toy being never fun to play with. The sun was beating down on his face as he thought back on the weeks that had passed, and a very interesting fact he had found out; Tamor was a divine mage who had healing magic, something that he'd definitely be taking advantage of when he tortured people other than her. The sound of seagulls broke his mind back to the present, a sign of land being close. "Land Ahoy!" Captain Crewe declared to the ship, reinforcing the fact that their time on the boat was finally coming to an end. Standing at the bow of the ship he could see the outline of the isolated Shingou nation quickly forming. As they drew closer to the land, the ship became busy as the sailors prepared for docking. Tamor joined Auden as the ship began to slow down to dock at the port. The sailors worked quickly as they anchored at the port, tying the ship down securely within 5 minutes of anchoring.

As everyone started to descend from the ship, Tamor stuck close to Auden, holding onto the side of his robe as if it was some kind of security blanket. Awaiting the Knights at a port was a very large crowd of people, which slightly confused Auden as he couldn't work out why so many people were gathered to greet them. At the head of the crowd was a man who were surrounded by soldiers, who had the armor of the rumoured "elites" of the Shingou nation. Why do we have elite soldiers here to greet us? The man who was clearly an important person on the island considering his guards stepped forward and greeted the Knights. Tamor noticed his robes and was glad that he had chosen to do a red over blue outfit instead of the other way around.

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