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    Bofvar Blyr

    The prior night, post bar fight, was all a blur. Everyone had gone their respective ways, off to do who knows what they were intending to do. As for Bofvar, he found the nearest inn, regardless of price or quality and immediately collapsed on the first available bed. Said bed was not where Bofvar woke, however. Somehow, he ended up on the floor, opposite where he had rested his head. His arm draped over his eyes, a futile attempt to keep out the sunlight that began bleeding into his room, he raised himself with an obvious moan of annoyance. Grasping his head firmly between his hands, he waited for the room to stop spinning before he even attempted to stand. The Lion’s roar took a bit more out of him than he thought. That, or the vixen from the alley had done quite the number with her headbutt. He had fallen asleep thinking of her and woke with the same thought. It was the mystery of her that enraptured him, not infatuation. Never having seen her in his life, it was a total conundrum as to why she so desired the challenge of him in battle. Deciding it was not worth dwelling on, he pulled on his trousers and shirt, not even remembering when or how he got naked in the first place.

    Aside from these, admittedly, not wholly abnormal circumstances, everything seemed to be in order, until he reached for his coin purse. Lifting it from his belt loop, it immediately struck him as to its weight and not in a good way. Hastily untying the small bag, he peered inside and noticed a piece of paper that had never been there before. Setting it aside, he went about counting the coins held within. After a few minutes of counting and recounting, he safely came to the conclusion that two coins had indeed been removed from his tally. His first assumption was to early payment for the room, but he rarely ever did such a thing. Remembering the paper that he had set aside, he carefully unfolded it and read the message aloud.

    “Hello there, short stuff,” Bofvar paused and tried to stifle a groan, the insult meaning nothing to him anymore after all these years. “Just wanted to say thank you for last night. I found you to be most compliant with my demands. Then again, I attribute that to drink. I guess you were the one who ended up ‘paying dearly’. Thanks again, -E-.” Having finished the note, as mad as he was, Bofvar couldn’t help but smile. Sure, the woman had followed him, disrobed him and stolen from him, but he could respect that. That girl had gumption. On the off chance he ever ran into her again, he’d give her a piece of his mind and maybe something else, Gods willing. Folding up the note and returning it to his bag, he finished getting his armor on and running last checks of his equipment.

    Happy that everything was in order, he left the room and descended the stairs of the inn. Quickly settling his debt with the keep, he strode out into the disgusting, filth covered streets. All things considered, it seemed a bit more cheerful today. Or, maybe he was just a bit more sober. Either way, it was an interesting start to the morning.

    It didn’t take long to reach the gathering point. Without even realizing it, he had coincidentally picked an inn that just about neighbored where they were supposed to meet. Varian, Xeye and the client had already arrived, most likely waiting patiently for the rest to arrive. How good of them to arrive early. Had it not been for the rising sun and draft that ran across his nether region, Bofvar probably wouldn’t have been here when he was.

    “Oi!” He shouted in greeting, a bigger than usual smile plastered on his face. “Good to see you two up and out, especially you, milady.” Bofvar nodded in Xeye’s direction. “So, where be the rest of our sorry lot?”
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