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>> AVA
>> The Broken Keg, Dalenham, Eveamoor

The fighting in the bar soon felt a little too out of control, which felt like an indicator to leave the dump. There was a loud crash and Avangeline turned to find Cass jumping out of the front window. Varian yelled something about leaving and Avangeline pouted as the man followed his partner out. Leave? Already? The fight had barely begun! Ah well, another time maybe.

"Nem!" she called, putting her hands in her mouth to blow a loud whistle. Her direwolf jumped up and bounded over a few patrons, following his master's beckon and gracefully jumping out of the window. Avangeline bowed before she followed her wolf, waving to the fight. "Thank-you for the memories! They were great!"

Some of the others were outside, but not for very long. After a few snaps from Varian, he left with Cass, leaving Xeye and Avangeline alone. Of course, Xeye, the child, bounded back into the fight to set things on fire. Silly, what was the point of fire? What happens if the Broken Keg burned down? The poor bartender! He probably paid... no, the place was a dump and probably came cheap. Still... Oh well. Avangeline, choosing not to become involved with Xeye's shenanigans, walked away with her direwolf.

Should they go shopping? Go eating? Perhaps find an inn to sleep in? The night was very much still young!

"Should we paint the town red, Nem?"

* * *

Avangeline rose early the next morning, gathering her things for a quick checkout. She waved goodbye to the innkeeper, plopping a few bronze pieces on the desk as a nice tip. The innkeeper was thankful, bowing as the half-elf left.

"First stop, that blacksmith!"

It was only up the road. Avangeline had left her shoulder plates to be repaired last night and the blacksmith said he would only take a night to repair them. Plus, Avangeline had business with that Miracyian bow and arrow set.

"Good morning!" she called to the blacksmith. The young man looked up from his work. He was quite attractive, especially for someone who lived in Dalenham. He wasn't the same man who had served her yesterday, who had been an older man. He was nice, but not nice to look at. This man though had a familiar feeling about him. It was comforting.

"And to you, miss," he replied politely. "What can I do for you?"

"Hello, I was here last night about my shoulder plates."

"Ah, yes. The young woman with the direwolf. Hold on, I'll go get it," he tore himself away from the shield he was decorating and went behind the counter to pull out the plates. They were like new again! Not only that, they had new indents and decorations surrounding the edges. Feathers? That was the trademark of...

"Sorry, I got a little carried away," he laughed. There was something all too familiar about his tone of voice. "I hope it's not too much, and I don't expect anything extra."

"Are you Falkan?"

"I am!" he beamed, as if Avangeline had commented on how nice the colour of his hair was. "Are... you?"

"Yes, it's nice to hear a voice that sounds like home," Avangeline smiled back. "It's been too long."

"And to you!" he bowed his head politely. "Even your pretty face brings back memories of the streets of Falcon Peak. It gives me great honour to serve a fellow falcon."

"Well," Avangeline began, choosing to word her sentence in Falkmor instead of the common tongue. "Perhaps you can help me with more, if you would be so kind. See, I'm very much interested in purchasing the Miracyian bow and arrow you have and perhaps we can come to an agreement of sorts."

"Your Falkmor is very formal," the blacksmith replied, also speaking in their own tongue. "I guess you were not raised in anything lower than the high district."

"Please, we can speak of home later."

"I apologise," he bowed his head again and stood up, heading over to the window where the bow was. "The Miracyian bow and arrow set! Crafted by the elves and from the tall trees of Miracyia. Very high quality and it's meant to be enchanted with all kinds of elven wards. It's currently fetching eight silver."

"Eight silver? Hmm... That's quite a lot for a bow and arrow set."

"I assure you that it's worth every piece."

"And I can assure you," Avangeline tapped her lip, "that I could purchase a similar style of bow, fit with similar enchantments for less than a quarter of this set. I understand the Miracyians do not release weaponry to outsiders very often. How are you sure the charms are still in effect?"

The boy pulled the bow and arrow set off its stand, showing Avangeline letters that had been carefully carved into the wood.

"These are Eldaquente runes, which bring the user protection. I've been told that it says 'safeguard'," they were indeed in Eldaquente, as Avangeline could still read it from her mother's teachings. Safeguard was a good translation, though its literal translation looked like safety wall. Though, as far as she could see in this boy, he was just an apprentice or new blacksmith from Falke. He looked like no expert on elves or their culture. So it was time for the good old Avangeline charm.

"Who told you this?"

"The man who sold it to us. He was an elf himself."

"And did he also tell you all the other information you told me?"


"Well, I am sorry to say that you have been decieved, my fellow falcon," Avangeline slowly shook her head. "See, these Eldaquente runes are not legitimate. The markings are sloppy and poorly written. If there are guards on it, if none at all, they would be weak and useless. And the wood is from Miracyian, but I suspect it was stolen from the edge of the woods and carved by human hands. The elves would never shape a bow like this. They are never uneven, always perfectly symmetrical."

The boy made a face, seemingly sceptic of her. She answered his question by brushing her hair back, revealing the points at the ends of her ears.

"A-are you sure?"

"Yes. I am from Falke but my mother is an elf. I studied under her. I know what I am speaking of. I would price this... perhaps three silver. Four would be generous," Avangeline shook her head sadly. The boy stepped back sighing. He seemed a little upset with himself, staring at the bow and arrow set in his hands.

"Listen," Avangeline put a hand on his shoulder, "I am still looking for a bow and arrow set. You look like your mother has just died, so I will save you some grief. I will purchase this set and pay for my repairs and give you... five silver. How does that sound?"

The boy looked up at her. Though attractive, he was younger and shorter than Avangeline. Perhaps almost twenty. She almost wanted to pat his soft hair.

"Would you be that kind, miss?"

"Indeed. You have made my shoulder plates beautiful. I will pay for your kindness."

The boy nodded with a smile, pulling the bow and arrow set off its stand and taking it over to the counter where the shoulder plates lay. Avangeline took out five silver pieces out of her purse and handing it to the boy. The boy took them and graciously handed over her purchases.

"Thank you kindly," she said, bowing her head.

"No, thank-you, miss. Until we see eachother again," he returned the bow and Avangeline left the store, Nem following, pulling her shoulder plates and her new bow and arrow set on.

Another salesman successfully decieved and another deal successfully made. Avangeline was a goddess. Or an evil witch. Whatever.

She quickly grabbed something to eat (some bread for her and her wolf) and dawdled off to their rendezvous point. Awaiting for her at the gates of Dalenham were Varian, Xeye, Bofvar and the 'merchant' who had given them their mission. At least she wasn't the last person. Where was Cass and Evelynn and Alys?

"Good mornin- oh," she rubbed her lips. She was still speaking Falkmor. Oops. She switched her brain back to common tongue. "Good morning, companions! How are we this morning?"
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