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Possibly a bit premature but I have just finished writing out the various missions for chapter two which at this point (pending heretostay's return) consist of

3 paired missions and one mission with a group of three (all groups have already been determined) with a single component common to all despite them being unique missions.

Also I figure since I accidentally created a bit of a colour scheme for harbingers in my posting I figure we might as well say White and Blue are the organisations colours (unless anyone has something against this).

@Group A: Sorry if I pushed things forward a bit far there but I figure we may as well move a bit closer to the action.

@Group B: Are you guys still alive? You should probably start moving towards the main event of your "mission" also because I'm aiming to have all three groups finish Chapter 1 close to each other allowing for characters to have a brief return to limbo before Chapter 2.

@Loner C: Sorry I couldn't think of a better joke. You may want to stretch your encounter with the lost soul out a tiny bit longer (but not too much) and you should be pleased to know that you are in a group next chapter (as I previously said).
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