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    Originally Posted by IceFyr1928 View Post
    I know I'd like an episode for background ponies. That'd be fun.
    Yep, that would be nice. There are a lot of background ponies out there, and all of them had mysterious histories.

    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
    Ahh six days, I don't know if I can wait!

    How about a new topic while we wait for Saturday, yeah? What are your wishes/predictions for season 4? By that, you can post any episode ideas you may have (Pinkie-Dawn and I thought of doing a topic on episode ideas, but I kinda want to extend it to S4 instead lol) or maybe any theories related to what might happen after the finale, etc!
    I think I've already answered the answer. Plus this whole Twilight turned to Alicorn thing, it will not make sense. She will undermine everyone in the series(Including Dashie).

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