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    Originally Posted by xalien95 View Post
    When will be possibile to add and remove tilesets? There are two buttons in the tileset editor but at the moment they don't work. I really need those! *--*
    The tileset number isn't something that depends on the amount of files in a NARC, like trainers or maps, but on an internal value hardcoded in the game's code. I haven't been able to find it yet, that's why the feature doesn't work.

    However, I have great news for you. DPPt scripts are done 100%, and now I'm fighting a bit with HGSS'. Even if they are all games of the same generation, many commands change between versions, so I've been forced to two separate parsers. I'd say HGSS scripts are 60%, but I can't confirm it, because sometimes fixing a command breaks a working one. It's really hard to get everything working properly.
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