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Originally Posted by Altomare View Post
Awesome! One more reason to eagerly anticipate the movie.
"Reawakening" so will it be the same Mewtwo as in the first movie?
I'm going to say it's the one and only. The anime seemed to depict Mewtwo as one of a kind and the only one to exist. Now while we know there were other experiments on the island where Mewtwo was created, Mewtwo also destroyed everything there. So, unless another Mewtwo clone is around, I'd say they were bringing back the same one.

The last we saw, Mewtwo left the island he and his clones were hiding upon in Mewtwo Returns and seemed to be migrating from place to place. Even stopping at a location that resembled New York City, which could perhaps be today's Castelia City. Now I doubt the game developers and writers thought this far ahead at the time when they incorporated that ending scene in Mewtwo Returns, but I think deep down they always knew they wanted to create a location that was based off of New York. So Mewtwo being reawakened somewhere in Unova would make perfect sense when you think about it.

Given the likeliness of a heavy Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma plot here, it would be more effective for them to use the same Mewtwo we saw from the original movie anyway.