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    Now that the mission was almost over, Masato took his time to get back to where he started from. He knew that as a reaper, his dimension walking ability could function virtually anywhere. However, he decided that this time he would wait. After all, he finished this task quicker than normal. It seemed almost...TOO easy.

    Suddenly, he heard a female screaming nearby. Masato placed the soul jar in a hidden pocket next to his lockpicking set. Racing to where he heard the scream, he found himself in front of the alleyway where he first started. There, he saw a grungy guy holding a knife on a nicely-dressed, well-endowed young lady.

    Seeing this happen caused something inside him to gnaw at his insides. Something had to be done, but he hesitated. Wouldn't it be an act of unbalancing good and evil if he stopped this guy? As Masato contemplated his next move, the guy threw the girl down onto the dirty ground and confronted him with the knife in his hand.

    "Give me your money, or else I'll stab you!" he yelled, attacking Masato from the alley. The man lunged forward, intent on stabbing him. Instinct took hold of him as he grabbed the man's knife arm, spinning around to deliver a back elbow to the man's face. The man, reeling from the attack, tried lunging again. This time, he yelled out as the man attacked, but he grabbed the arm again and used his attacker's momentum to flip him onto his back, spilling him onto the sidewalk. The man, still hurt from his fall, slowly got back up as he grabbed the knife once again.


    The officer that Masato saw earlier had a gun unholstered, pointed at the man with the knife. The man turned, saw the officer with his gun, and dropped the knife, surrendering. The woman came out of the alleyway and started talking to the officer. Seeing that the problem was resolved, Masato walked backwards out of the way and down the alley. Out of everyone's view, he concentrated his energy and opened a dimensional gate to Hell. Hoping he didn't do anything wrong, he stepped through the gate, allowing the gate to close behind him.

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