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Originally Posted by Gmack View Post
Wow, you know, I was genuinly, and happily, surprised by your work here. This is a rare case when I'm heavily applauding a fan-game's art, sound, and overall design.
You can tell just by playing this that it had a lot of work put into it. Unlike other fan-games I see, you can't rely on silly, and flashy graphics to support your game, because it'll stick out terribly. I thoroughly enjoyed your work on this, and hope to see more on this project. Also, I've never said this about a Pokemon fan-game, since I'm such a critical person. I can't find a flaw with this game just by playing it, and sometimes, often times actually, I can, so when I say I love this, I kinda mean it xD
Well, have fun finishing that next release, and hope it impresses me as much as this release did. You just got yourself a fan, miksy91 ;3
Thanks a lot Gmack!
Personally, I have seen quite many things required corrections with it but like you said, the overall result of beta 3 was already really good.

Beta 4 should impress you even more (well, maybe not anymore as you've seen this already but still, things will starting to get more interesting), not going to let you down on that statement
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