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lmao and I said I'd cover all your works one by one. That's pretty darn impossible. Not to mention a bit pointless since my comments on almost every single one of these works would not oscillate much from "That's freakin' amazing". I mean it. Anyway, there is definitely a really huge improvement in your art over the few years I've known you. You were always good at drawing but, as of now, your art is pro level. Honestly, your **** is just amazing.

Works like these: 1 2 3 4 - stand out to me the most. 2nd and 4th are really benefited by the lighting in them, to be honest. Though Gav did point out a minor problem with the lighting in the second one, I still think it doesn't really harm the piece as much and it looks nothing short of breathtaking. Same goes for fourth. Fourth is virtually perfect in my eyes. Mei looks really good in there, anatomically speaking (and no, not just because you did her bewbs really nicely here. Though that's a factor! yeah, me a perv). Much better than she does in the games, lmao. Shadows cast by those leaves on her face have been done really well, too. As for the first and the third pieces, I'd just say that two things make me love them - detailing and the sense of speed. Detailing in the first and the latter in the third one. Love the way you did those strands of hair and the art style in the first pic in general. Coloring is immaculate. Just perfect. Talking about sharpedo piece - those lines, man. That linework. ****ing amazing. Those strokes just make the drawing. They've been done masterfully. Grunge texture in the background really does wonders for it too.

Overall, I'm just a big fan of you, pokey. You've improved tons and I can't stress it enough. The fact that you're incorporating things like proper lighting in order to enhance the drawing and bring out the focus in your latest works is commendable. I didn't see it in your older works and I'll just say that they really do affect your works. In a good way, of course! <3; So yeah, keep drawing and updating this gallery. You know you have to or I'll kill you. ;]
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