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    I would really hate to live in an 80s teen movie like Revenge of the Nerds or Just One of the Guys.

    I'm already very unpopular, and I can't imagine having to be tormented and emotionally abused by rich jocks who look like Nazi poster boys. In fact, watching too many of these movies made me develop a prejudice against all guys with blond hair. Plus I'm kind of nerdy, but if I was in an 80s teen movie that means I'd have to look like a total geek with square glasses, a pocket protector, and tighty whities that might get pulled over my head. (The last part was the reason why I started wearing boxers.) I'm a little vain, and I would never want to look that ugly. Too bad What Not to Wear doesn't help men! But I do wear glasses...just not all the time. And I'm glad I don't have the nerd physique. I'm bigger than half of the jocks!

    If I did have to live in one, I'd hope for something like Carrie, where I could gain superpowers. I'd take revenge against the rich blond jocks.
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