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    Finally got it :D!!! 17,123 SR but finally got it. Wasn't expecting it was highly enthusiastic but had to remain calm or wake up the whole neighborhood. It tore through my entire team except Arcanine, it was very hard trying to catch this while trying to tank the hits. I did pratice runs loads of times, caught it about 90% each time no problem, usually within 5-6 ultras or a few premier balls. However, when this bad bird showed up everything and I mean everything went wrong. I couldn't paralyze it like how I did throughout those test runs, Every attacked it used seemed to have it's secondary affect, Hoothoot couldn't put it to sleep. :'c 70 % hypnosis sucks when it doesnt go my way.
    My pokemon did one of the 3:

    1.) flinch
    2.) burn
    3.) die
    4.) Secret 4rth option it seemed to cric every other hit. I thought i was prepared but i was horribly wrong.

    The order varies and during the fight i was intensesly scared of a critical hit on my part. In the end caught it in a fast ball that complements it's colors nicely. Wanted the premier but meh what can you do. I'm definitely not SR'n another one just for the ball change. One thing is for certain , I was going to go against my pride about halfway during the fight and masterball it(almost). Glad it's mine and not going to SR anything for awhile, I've had my fill. Also to add the day before had gotten a shiny gastly while ev training it's sooo blue . I need to hurry up and beat the elite 4, my pokemon are under-leved so need to train, I'm trying to get a shiny munclax or snorlax but need the full incense first :/.

    Before I forget:

    @Arceus Whisperer congratz on the Rattata's
    @Hard_Knoxx Congratz on the paras and hi/welcome
    @Keruso Congratz on the bidoofs

    Edit: I wanted to add vid to show that this is legit but file is too big i think. I took the vid and picks with my phone. Also how do i do the spoiler tags as didnt want to take up soo much room for a post.

    Additional Note: @ latios master will an eevee count for the hunt and then evolving it to espeon :o?
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